NCIS season 8 episode 16 : Kill Screen

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In episode 15 NCIS Season 8: Defiance, Ziva has a very interesting conversation with McGee about the team Staying together. As We both know, Tony has been with the team ever, Including a Decrease in another post, and have Also been on the team for years installments. Ziva is worried about what his team late in the future? And if They do, how to be different from previous times?

Another element in this charming episode was the ritual of the stapler Abby and Tony McGee's book, the which Actually made me laugh out loud. And Palmer was back! His absence last week observed by me and I was Glad he was back. And he made a great line of Ducky in "the lesson of history will of the resume upon his return" or whatever in. That regard. And while the director was a bit annoying, at least he Had a purpose in this episode, in others it Seems to be just writing to give actor lines and screen time. Although it is my least favorite character, I prefer That there was a purpose for a while Than to show a screen or two.

Of course on NCIS Season 8 episode 16: Kill Screen that will appear on 22 February will be more interesting for us to see. The storyline in episode 16 will be showing a more focused storyline and of course will always make us curious

Episode 16 Season 8 NCIS
NCIS: KIll Screen Episode 16
Kill Screen NCIS Episode 16 Season 8

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