ver Los Herederos Del Monte capitulo 65

Welcome! continue with more soap operas online, you will see the premieres of your favorite soap operas without fault and absolutely free like you're in front of your televisor.Esta time we touch Los Heredos Del Monte is already in Chapter 65 and left it in a High quality video and audio for you to download.

You can see the Chapter 65 of Los Heredos Del Monte premieres March 2011, you simply have to play in the playback options that we provide.

Five brothers: John, Joseph, Peter, and Lucas Gaspar, who are responsible for work and maintain the land for decades, their parents arrived to become the most important and prosperous in the area, in order to maintain his legacy and make grow even more after his death. One woman, Paula, who know these five children, arrives the same day of the reading of the will and to the surprise of the young, for the same purpose.

Accompanied by Modesto, the eternal and faithful servant of the family, the brothers are preparing to read the will that left his recently deceased father. What I never thought these adopted children was so sad that day in their lives would mark a final break and the beginning of a new story that will be irretrievably trapped. When the lawyer is about to read the will and show a video with the last words of Don Emilio del Monte appears Paula Del Monte.

What Paula del Monte did not expect was that in this place in the world where you always wanted to be to reign and feel an equal, find the love that you will forever change their goals. For the first time in his life can not control his feelings, much less your emotions. So their plans will crumble while Sofia Cañadas, his mother, trying by all means Paula is the promise made ​​years ago: keep all the assets of Del Monte.
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